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Uniforms and Shoulder Flashes
2009 - Present
This design, introduced in 2009 and still in use today, prominently features a stylized Maltese cross. This flash also features the word 'rescue' to recognize the fact the Department provides many rescue services in addition to just fighting fires. With the introduction of this shoulder flash, the uniform shirt would be changed to a white shirt for all members and a formal uniform consisting of a forage cap, navy blue single breasted tunic, and navy blue pants was introduced.
2001 - 2009
This design, introduced in 2001, features a fox imposed on a Maltese cross. This design pays homage to the early history of Alberton as the Silver Fox was very important to the early economy of the town and is prominently featured in the Town's crest. This flash also featured the year the Department was established: 1876. The uniform shirt was changed to a light blue shirt with pocket and epaulet flaps the same shade.
1988 - 2001
When the Fire Department first acquired formal uniform shirts in 1988 they were adorned with the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs shoulder flash. This was a very popular shoulder flash amongst fire departments as it left a space which allowed the municipality name to be written above the Maltese cross. It remained in use until 2001. The uniform shirt in use at the time was light blue with dark blue pocket and epaulet flaps.