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About Us - Decomissioned Fleet

Tanker 2
This unit was built on a 1987 International chassis. The chassis was acquried in June, 2002 and the tank in September of that year. Work on the truck was completed by members and local mechanics. Upon completion, it entered service in December, 2002. It had the capacity to haul 3,100 gallons of water and has a large dump valve with chute located on the rear of the truck. This allowed for the rapid dispensement of water into a portable tank. This unit was removed from service in February, 2015.

Pumper 1
This truck entered service with the Department in January, 1980 as Pumper 2 but was reassigned as Pumper 1 in 1997. Pumper 1 was built on a 1979 Ford chassis and manufactured by Wrand Fire Trucks. It had the capacity to hold 1,500 gallons of water and to pump 625 gpm. The main hose bed was modified from the original design to allow for a bigger water tank. In addition to a general assortment of tools and equipment, Pumper 1 also carried a drop tank which was mounted on the side of the vehicle. The truck was a 'cab-over' design with seating for the driver and a passenger in the enclosed cab and additional seating for personnel and the pump operator's controls behind the cab. It was used on a limited basis as it approached the end of its service life. It was officially taken out of service in late 2012 and sold in early 2013.

Rescue Unit
This vehicle, built on a 1987 Chevrolet Chevy Van 30 chassis, served the Department as a Rescue Vehicle from March, 1992 until May, 2007 when it was replaced by the current Rescue Truck. This was a walk-in style rescue unit with an entrance at the rear of the vehicle. There was also a passage from the cab to the rear of the vehicle. In addition to tools and equipment, it carried an electric generator and a refilling station for SCBA bottles. The interior of the van was designed and built by the members. The interior was designed so that several breathing apparatuses could be mounted inside the rescue van, over benches, so that members were able to don them while en route to an emergency call.

Pumper 3
Assigned as Pumper 3, this 1973 GMC was a converted oil delivery truck with an 1,800 gallon tank. It was acquired in February, 1985 and had numerous repairs and modifications made to it by the members before entering service. A single, large panel at the back of the truck had to be lifted to provide access to the compartment containing pump controls, hose connections, and a large dump valve. Approaching the end of its time in operation, it was rarely used and was officially taken out of service in 2003.

Rescue Unit
This early 1980's GMC van was acquired by the Department in December, 1989 for use as a Rescue Vehicle. Prior to its service with the Fire Department it was an ambulance owned by Rooney's Ambulance Service of Alberton. Slight modifications were made to the interior to suit the Department's needs. A sliding side door and hinged doors at the rear of the vehicle provided access to the rear of the vehicle. A limited number of personnel and equipment could be carried inside the vehicle. The changing needs of the department required a larger vehicle and this unit was replaced in March, 1992 by the 1987 Chevrolet rescue unit listed above.

Pumper 1
This 1956 GMC served as a fire engine. The truck was acquired brand new and was outfitted locally by then Fire Chief Stephen M. Burke and a gentleman by the name of Gerald MacNeill. Numerous changes were made to the truck over the years but it kept a similar appearance for the most part. It was capable of hauling a limited amount of water and had a small pump mounted to the rear of the truck. It continued to see regular service with the Fire Department until around 1989 when it was transferred to the Town Maintenance Department. Efforts were made to restore the truck but it was ultimately decided to dispose of it in 2010-2011. Pictured here in 2001, a member prepares the truck for a parade.